Pregnant belly artwork has a bad name. But no more.

These photos will change the way you think about pregnant belly art.

There are many ways to capture the beauty of pregnancy. Photos, videos, 3D ultrasounds, a belly cast, belly paintings…

But, let’s be honest, there are some… well, interesting… examples of pregnant belly art out there.

Like this one…

Ummmm.... (Image via Pinterest)

But all that is about to change.

Dutch photographer, Leonie Versantvoort, and artist Marieke Crone have teamed up to create a beautiful belly artwork.

The art depicts an anatomically correct womb and baby in the later stages of pregnancy. They give you a new view of what life might look like for a baby, and show how the baby would be placed inside the pregnant body.

The photos are fascinating.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see them all. And in the comments below, let us know if you've ever had your pregnant belly painted...


You can see more of Leonie Versantvoort's beautiful work here and here.

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