This is not your average pregnancy announcement video.

When Ryan and Janine Chatfield discovered they were pregnant with their second child, they couldn’t wait to tell the world.

Rather than make a few phone calls, or post a picture on Facebook, Ryan decided to make a video.

But not just your average video.

You might remember Ryan’s work from Australian Netball Diamond Ash Brazill’s wedding video that was shared tens of thousands of times just last month.

This time, Ryan captured his wife and beautiful daughter Harper playing on the beach. Exquisitely filmed, the pair appear to draw shapes in the sand.

Harper then runs across the sand collecting piles of seaweed. As the camera pans out, we see a clear message displayed on the stunning beach.

Since the video was shared on Monday afternoon, it has been viewed over 100,000 times, and last night was featured on Nine News.

Ryan’s Facebook page, Ryan Chatfield Images, has been inundated with messages of congratulations.

What most viewers might not know, is why Ryan and Janine’s second pregnancy is so significant.

Harper was born in September 2012, at only 31 weeks gestation. Given that she was so premature, Harper spent the first six weeks of her life in Neo Natal Intesive Care unit at King Edward Memorial hospital in Perth. It was an extremely difficult time for the family.

Harper spent six weeks in an Intensive Care unit. Image supplied. 

Following their experience, Janine decided to volunteer for the Miracle Babies Foundation, which supports families that have premature or sick newborns in the NICU. In 2014 Janine ran the New York marathon, and through their network of friends and social media reach, managed to raise over $12,000 for Miracle Babies.

Janine now works for the Miracle Babies Foundation, providing support for parents going through a similar experience.

Janine raised $12,000 for the Miracle Babies Foundation. Image supplied. 

It took Ryan and Janine three and a half years to feel ready again to try for another baby. Ryan told Mamamia that he is "super proud of Janine as I know it was a big deal to go for baby number two". He also explained how blessed they felt to be expecting, and wanted to "do something special for those friends and family who really supported us through that time, and that's how the video came about."

Ryan is a film maker by trade, and runs his own Perth based production company, which specialises in "unique and cinematic imagery". He captures weddings as well as corporate events, film clips and viral adverts.

We extend Ryan and his family a sincere congratulations, and wish them all the best for their second child due in early 2017.

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