A husband gets the greatest gift for his birthday.

Have a box of tissues ready because this will probably give your tear ducts a work out.

A woman has given her husband the best birthday present he could’ve hoped for. It was so amazing, it caused him to sob in a heap of tears after he opened it.

Here’s how it went down:

He looks happy...

The woman tells her husband to close his eyes while she gets him a surprise.

She hands him a white box (that she hadn't been hiding very well).

The man looks at the outside of the box, not knowing what to think.

He lifts the lid and says, "Is this a watch?" Because he thinks it's an Apple Watch. Which makes sense since the box is an Apple Watch box.

He still thinks it's a watch...

But it's not a watch.

Instead his wife has hidden a positive pregnancy test inside the Apple Watch indent. The man takes a while to absorb what's happening. He says, "Are you serious?" Before bursting in to a flood of happy tears. Sobs ensue.

It's beautiful.

What's the best pregnancy announcement you've seen?

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