"The suspected killer of Preethi Reddy was little different to the man who killed my sister."

Preethi Reddy, 32, was stabbed multiple times, her body found on Tuesday night dumped in a suitcase in a parked car in Sydney’s east.

The dentist was likely killed by her ex-boyfriend Harsh Narde who died near Tamworth on Monday. Police believe his death was intentional.

Preethi’s family is heartbroken and trying to understand and grapple with what happened to her.

Tarang Chawla feels their pain, and has been following their heartbreak, hoping and wishing that men’s violence against women will be reported properly this time.

Women and Violence: The Hidden Numbers. Post continues after video.

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His sister Nikita Chawla was murdered by her husband in 2015.

“I have been following news reporting of Preethi’s murder”, he wrote on Facebook in a moving post that has been shared more than 6000 times.

“Why?” he continued.

“Because my family and I lived through having my sister’s name tarnished while reasons were proffered for the killer’s actions.

“Because I want to see that we, and the Australian media, have made progress.

“I want to see that we properly identify the causes of men’s violence against women.

“I want to see that we properly address the “why” and give some kind of sensible answer as to “what” we do about it.

“But I am the bearer of bad news because the reporting has been utterly pathetic and I encourage you to call this out when you see it.

“This morning, 7 News Sydney called finding the man responsible for Preethi’s death a “sinister twist” in developments.

“But here’s the thing – this is not an Agatha Christie novel. We’re not waiting expectantly for a “sinister” plot twist.

“In fact, we know that the murder of a current or former female intimate partner by a man followed by him committing suicide is not a “sinister twist”.

“It’s the time-tested narrative holding true to form. It is the sign of a vindictive, jealous and possessive man following the script.

“The man who killed my baby sister Nikita stabbed her at least 35 times in her neck, abdomen, face, arms and head with a meat cleaver, rendering her corpse virtually unable to be identified in her lifeless state on a stainless steel operating table at the Coroner’s Court.


“He called 000 and told the operator: “Hey can you come and collect a dead body?” to which the woman on the phone was dumbfounded.

“He went roaming, bloodied butcher’s utensil in one hand and an iPhone in the other while Nikita lay dead in a pool of her own blood.

“He was found on the Albion Street overpass in the dead of night where he alleges he was going to jump and “end it”.

“I don’t talk about those grisly details. Maybe I should. My words and writing have been elsewhere described as “balanced”, because I look to grasp theoretical questions, but make no mistake – I am furious that Preethi Reddy has been killed.

“The [suspected killer of] Preethi was little different to the man who killed Niki. Whether he was an accomplished dentist or known to be a “good man” is irrelevant and damaging. Men who kill are not “good blokes” or “fine men” who “just snapped” as has been reported.

“This man [allegedly] killed a woman he professed to love because she saw no future with him. As her family and friends waited breathlessly for her safe return, this man knew full well that Preethi Reddy had already taken her last dying gasp of oxygen as he stuffed her into a suitcase and left her to be found in her VW.

“And yet, he [is suspected to have] pretended to assist police in their Missing Persons enquires until, faced with the reality that he took her life, he followed the conventional script and took his own life.

“It bears repeating: Murder-suicide is male entitlement writ large. Men who murder are just that – men who murder. They’re not “good”.

“And it’s up to #AllMen to understand the role we play in challenging the attitudes that, when left unchecked, allow women like Preethi to be killed.

“Preethi should still be here today. Niki should still be here today. And so should far too many other women whose names we ought to know.”

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