WATCH: Prankster dad turns his entire home into a ball pit.

In December last year, we dubbed a man called Roman Atwood “the biggest asshole on the planet” after he pulled perhaps one of the cruellest jokes of all time on his unsuspecting wife by pretended their son had died.

(We know: Not. Funny. At All.)

But today, he might have gone some way to redeeming himself. Because American serial prankster and comedian Atwood has pulled off a gag that, this time, is actually funny — leading us to conclude that maybe he’s only the second greatest asshole on the planet.

In an attempt to redeem his worldwide web reputation, Atwood converted his entire house into a giant ball pen. That’s right, he filled up his kitchen, his living room and pretty much every other room in the house with tens…of….thousands of plastic balls, and the resulting video is hilarious:

(Post continues after video):

With over 13 million views, it’s clear Atwood has nailed viral humour at last. And, okay, we’ll say it: this particular prank is downright genius (and fulfils many a childhood fantasy of ours).

Although we still have one question for you, Roman. Who exactly is going to clean up this mess?