The prank baby shower card that cries for three hours.

It’s always hard to know what to get your friend for a baby shower. Today babies and parents have more than they need well before the baby is born.

But we just found something that is guaranteed to be unique. No one else will give a gift anything like it, and it’s sure to prepare your friend for their oncoming baby package.

It’s a hilariously cruel gift that we’re going to go and buy in bulk (because we’re evil).

The card looks so peaceful at first. Image via YouTube.

You can buy a card from Joker Greeting,  a company that sells cards that usually play music for hours on end. But for the baby shower card, they've done something special and unique. Their baby shower card will cry for at least three hours straight once you first open it. And there is no way to stop it.

This is what you get. (Post continues after the video)...

Video via Travis Peterson

The card was born (geddit) on kickstarter, the brainchild Nick and Travis Peterson. The card will only stop once the battery runs out, or if it is destroyed (that's a gaurantee).

Nick and Travis Peterson designed the card. Image via Joker Greeting Facebook page.

Some may call it cruel, but we think it's pretty funny. And we couldn't think of a better way to prepare someone for a newborn baby.

What do you think about the rank card?