Children are asked if their mums are perfect.

There’s so much pressure on mums to be perfect. Just look at a laundry detergent commercial. There’s mum, perfectly dressed, happy to be doing her darling children’s laundry in the world’s cleanest laundry room. She’s, no doubt, packed a beautiful lunch for the kids, before dropping in to do canteen duty later in the day. Later, after dusting the lounge room, she’ll cook a dream meal for her family before slipping into a negligee to give her spouse a bit of a treat.

All with a smile on her face.

Laundry detergent mum sucks, and yet, on one level or another we’re all trying for that dream.

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Video via Ski Yoghurt

Children can always be counted on to tell the truth about their mums and luckily, they wouldn’t trade us for anyone else.

So enough already with all the guilt about not being perfect. Enough with the pressure. Let’s band together and reject the quest to be perfect.

We’re perfect to our kids, and that’s all we can ask for.

What do you think your kids would say if they were asked about you?

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