From menstrual cups to reading lights: The 21 products that have changed our lives.

Here at Mamamia, we're all about working smarter, not harder

And while functionality isn't always at the forefront of our spending brains (please, we're only human), once or twice we find that special item that we'd buy 100 times over for the sheer value it adds to our lives.

Side note: Here's what it's like shopping when you're in a relationship v.s. single. Post continues below.

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And we really need to talk about those products. 

You know the ones. They make life easier, more pleasant, and overall better across the board?

From smart watches to a good pair of shoes, here are the 21 products that have changed the Mamamia team's lives for the better.

A French Press

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My friend Carl recently gave me a french press for a housewarming gift, and Oh.My.God.  

It's revolutionised my morning routine because I no longer have to buy cafe-coffee, but still get that cafe-quality taste. The perfect middle ground.

It also just feels so luxurious - like you're having a buffet breakfast at a hotel type vibe - you feel me?! I definitely recommend this to add a touch of decadence to your life. - Eleanor Katelaris

A Menstrual Cup

Now, menstrual cups can take some practice to get in, but once you get past that hurdle, they are fantastic. 

Not only are they good for the wallet and the environment, you also don't have to worry about changing it while you're out as you can wear it for up to 12 hours. - Talia Phillips

An Air Fryer

You can literally cook anything in an air fryer. The options are endless. - Bella Frater.

Enough said. - Lucy Neville and Emily Vernem.

Image: Supplied. Listen to Lucy and Em rave about the airfryer on their podcast, The Undone. Post continues below.

Mirabella Wifi Dimmable Light Globe

I bought a Mirabella Wifi Dimmable Light Globe from Kmart and am obsessed with it! 

I can make the light in my lamp any colour. I can dim it to read or even have it strobe different colours if I want to party, ooh, and it's all controlled from my phone! - Mikayla Floriano


A Google Nest

Google Nests (or really any smart speaker) just make life easier.

I love that I can talk to it, ask it to change songs, or check what the weather is for the day. - Emma Cassidy

A Reading Light

I bought a reading light from Dymocks and it means I can read in bed even when my boyfriend has turned the light off at 8:30pm. Just amazing. - Jessie Stephens


Normal bras are basically dead to me now. - Chelsea McLaughlin

A Hydrating Hair Straightener

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I actually cried when my last one died, but my new one (the Panasonic Hydrating Hair Straightener EH-HS99, $279) is fabulous and I use it almost every day to fix my naturally frizzy and just not cute looking hair. - Charlie Begg.

Tubular Mascara

I've been using the White Knight Poni tubular mascara for a couple of years now, and I'm never going back to Panda-eye town. - Emma Gillespie.

A Kindle

My Kindle changed my life! 

I used to take lots of books in my suitcase while travelling, and now I have all the books I like on hand (for a fraction of the weight!). 

I also love the feature that lets me underline passages I like. - Emilie



I wear mine literally everyday, on walks, to the beach, out to the shops. I don't know how I lived without them. - Lily Allsep

Period Undies

Period undies changed my life. They are so comfortable and you can wear them all day and not worry about anything. 

I always get such bad pain on my period so not having to worry about changing tampons has been amazing. - Lily Allsep

Ultra Violette Sunscreen

I hated using sunscreen on my face until I discovered this. It feels and smells like a nice moisturiser, doesn't break me out, and is SPF 50+!

It ticks all the boxes. - Emma Cassidy

Asics Running Shoes.

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I love running but my feet are super wimpy and get sore from literally any other shoes. These are my favourite! - Genevieve Maslin

A good washer and dryer. 

We were doing laundry runs for years and it's so exhausting figuring out the logistics. Also having seven gold coins on hand? Just buy the dryer. - Tamara Davis.

An Apple Watch

I upgraded from a FitBit and I love having a more versatile smart watch. It can track pretty much everything my FitBit did, but with so many additional features too. - Chelsea McLaughlin

I love my Apple watch! It reminds me to walk, reminds me to stand, reminds me to breathe. And I love being rewarded with a ring every time I do a legit workout. SO glad I got it in February prior to working from home, otherwise I wouldn't have realised how slobbish I could be. - Isobel Paine


Frankie Footwear

My Frankie Footwear sandals changed everything for me... 

I can walk to work in them comfortably because they're built to be super good for your feet. - Jessie Stephens

Bosch Athlet Vacuum 

Vacuuming used to feel like such a huge chore and is now super quick and easy. Game. Changer. - Polly Taylor.

Dyson Airwrap

I love my Dyson Airwrap. It's revolutionised my whole getting ready routine because it means I only need to have one product and it does all the things. It will blow dry my hair in minutes, smooth it with the smoothing brush attachment and then produce professional looking curls! Such a game changer. It also comes in this super cute copper colour set - love! - Eleanor

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Cosmetic Clip-On Duo Ring Light

This has been a game-changer for my vanity. It has loads of different super bright light settings so I can actually see what im doing when I put my makeup on, pluck my eyebrows, pop pimples etc. - Maddie Swan

Revitalash Eye Serum

I started using the Revitalash eye serum a couple of years ago when I got alopecia on my eyelashes and have never gone back since. I'm always getting comments on how long my lashes are and I have recommended it to that many people I should be getting commission. - Mel Sauer

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