You can now enter the world's biggest lottery! Or you can save $10.50 and, um, not.

So you want to be a billionaire? Well, we have good news for you.

For the incredibly reasonable price of just $10.50, Australians can now get tickets for the American Powerball, the jackpot of which is somehow, somewhere in the realm of $US1.5 billion ($2.15 billion).

Imagine that! Forgoing your lunchtime sanga, heading into your local [insert generic gambling outlet here], buying a tiny piece of paper with some tiny numbers on it and then becoming a billionaire!

The odds must be tiny. I’d hazard a guess at around 1 in 292 million?

That’s, um, 0.000000003% chance you will buy a winning ticket.

There’s a reason this meme has been shared more than a million times.

You’re basically already signing the papers on your private island, mate.

And it’s all thanks to the generous people over at Lottoland, a Gibraltar-based betting company, which has offices in Sydney and Darwin.

They’ve been awarded a first-of-its-kind five year licence to open to the lotto to international punters.

Sure, you maybe, probably, possibly won’t win. But also, maybe you will and you can finally build that solid gold house you’ve always wanted.

(Choose the sandwich. For $10.50 you could definitely get the fancy cheese.)