The one post-pregnancy product I couldn't live without.

Any new mother will tell you that along with the good, there are plenty of downsides to housing another human in your body for nine months.

There’s the nausea, tiredness, swollen feet, veins…

But that all disappears once you have the baby, right? From there, it’s a slippery slope back to your former self, yeah? Uh, not quite.

I was lucky enough to get through without too many pregnancy complaints. Yes, I was the size of a house but compared to some friends who had constant acne, cysts, rashes and skin discolouration, I got by pretty unscathed in terms of the beauty side of things.

"I was lucky enough to get through without too many pregnancy complaints..."

That all changed once I actually had the baby.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this advertorial post is brought to you by NIOXIN.

All of a sudden, my hormones went crazy and I had weird stuff going on all over the place. My skin had a breakdown and I felt like a pre-pubescent teenager. The thing that worried me the most though was my hair- something I never even considered would be an issue, because I never heard about it.

For me, it seemed that as the baby weight came off, so did chunks of my hair. I was devastated to say the least and searched online through forum after forum for ideas and remedies that could help.

It got so bad that at one point I was embarrassed to go to the hairdresser. I knew that when she brushed my hair, significant amounts of hair would go with it.

I cried to my husband about how I was convinced I was going bald and there would be more tears each night as I washed my hair and watched what seemed like massive amounts of my locks disappear down the drain with the suds.

"I was convinced I was going bald."

But it seems that I wasn’t alone. I guess it must be one of those post-baby things you don’t really hear about but really, a great deal of new mums do experience post-partum hair loss.


It wasn’t until I was searching the net one night that I found some information about Nioxin. I didn’t have high hopes, seeing as nothing else I had tried had worked to date, but I figured I had nothing else to lose - so why not?

Basically, Nioxin is for anyone who is concerned about thinning hair, and its latest campaign targets new mothers and aims to prevent and reduce hair loss post-pregnancy. They do this with a three-part program which treats both the skin and the scalp. Over 70 per cent of users said they noticed a difference.

Over 70 per cent of users said they noticed a difference using Nioxin.

Well, you can add me to that number because a short time after using the system, my hair was looking fuller and thicker than it has ever before, and the hair that I had left seemed to be in much better condition.

And even better, my hairdresser recently mentioned to me that they have launched a New Mums Time Out service which is delivered in salons around Australia and gives mums a one hour treatment which focuses on relaxation as well as treating the scalp and hair. You can find a salon here.

Nioxin have launched New Mums Time Out service to pamper new mums.

For me, Nioxin would be the one post-baby product I won’t go without.

And if I decide to have any more children, this will definitely be on the ‘must buy list’.

Did you experience hair loss when you had a baby?

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