A woman tried to add her colleague on Facebook. Then his girlfriend intervened.

When Ruby added a colleague from work, she didn’t think much of it.

But then she got a message… from his girlfriend.

The girlfriend said she wanted to see who was adding her boyfriend, and she had blocked the friend request from his account.


Ruby told the girlfriend they were work colleagues, and the girlfriend replied: “Well yeah keep it as that, you don’t need him on Facebook.”

When Ruby, 20, suggested the woman may have trust issues – a pretty easy conclusion to make, honestly – the girlfriend went on the attack.

“He would never cheat on me,” she wrote followed by a very long series of ‘hahas’. “He knows he got too much to lose and plus that fact I’d smash his and the girls face in!”

Ruby called out the ridiculousness of the messages, saying, “It’s a Facebook add, not a legally binding contract stating he’s going to leave you for another girl.”

Naturally, Ruby was a bit… confused… by the exchange, so she posted it to Twitter. Plus guys, that’s not all: Ruby shared updates to say the girlfriend had messaged Ruby’s boyfriend warning him of her adding another man on Facebook.


Who has that kind of time on their hands???

The post went viral, with other users replying to share their own similar stories or to share sympathy for the boyfriend.


Just… Wow.