It seems Posh is in a spot of fashion bother. You know her new fashion line? Me neither. Well, only vaguely. In the same way that I'm vaguely aware of Kevin Rudd's front bench…there's Julia Gillard and Wayne Swann and then….I get a bit lost. Oh wait. Tanya Plibersek. I like her a lot. Anyway. Posh has a fashion line and there are accusations that she – quick, sit down – is ripping off designer Roland Mouret.
I don't know why they would say that. Just because they use the same seamstresses, pattern cutters and fabric makers. That's a co-incidence surely.

According to the Daily Mail:

When Victoria Beckham’s new dress collection was launched in London
last week, it drew gasps of admiration from some of the most
established figures in the fashion industry.

The former Spice
Girl turned designer, who has claimed she is more proud of her debut
collection than anything else she has achieved, insisted she alone was
responsible for creating the haute couture.

Talking about her
designs, Victoria, 34, said: ‘I really had to prove myself … But now
I feel like I am competing in an arena where I belong. I was so nervous
because this has been a lifetime in the making.’

But it seems the former Posh Spice has had a considerable amount of
help in the guise of one of her favourite designers, Frenchman Roland

Rumours are circulating in the fashion industry that the
man behind the famous Galaxy dress – the hourglass dress that made
women look like Forties Hollywood stars – is largely behind her

Last night, Victoria’s PR team admitted she is using
the same seamstresses, pattern cutters and fabric makers as 45-year-old

I have to say, my care factor about this is low. Lower than low. Sounds like Mouret is involved in the back end and taking a cut.
This is Roland Mouret..

This is Posh…

Victoria Beckham


Mouret dress

Beckham dress


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And here are the 'Dear Customer" tags from both labels…
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