If you're seeking some cooking advice, why not try Pornhub?

We’re guessing you’re here because your rice is gluggy. Or your soufflés won’t rise. Or you’re the type to completely singe off your eyebrows while checking the oven.

Fear not, there is help available for a culinary klutz like yourself. It’s just in a place you mightn’t have thought to look. So forget the fancy foodie blogs and ditch Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook, because we’ve got the one-stop destination for every cooking tip you’ll ever need.

Pornhub. You need to go to Pornhub.

We’re no PornHub, but we can tell you how to make a mug cake. Post continues after video…

It’s an unlikely place to request tips in the kitchen, sure, and you’re more likely to stumble upon ‘How To: Hang up your sex swing’ than ‘How To: Perfect Blueberry Friands’… but hear us out.

If the success story of Pornhub user ‘OGtan’ is anything to go by, this is worth a shot.

You see, OGtan was dealing with some pesky lasagna noodles that were rather fond of sticking together, and he’d had it UP TO HERE DAMN IT! It was his little niece’s seventh birthday, and he wanted to fill it with carby pasta fun and make the best damn lasagna this world had ever seen.

Obviously, he took to the comment section of the porn site to solicit the advice of his fellow porn, er, enthusiasts. And surprisingly, the responses were all as PG13 as can be.

Just look at the culinary expertise coming from ‘willeatbooty’! Isn’t that inspirational? OGtan’s niece will never eat sticky noodles ever again! Bless you, willeatbooty. Bless. You.

Anyway, we really do hope OGtan’s niece had the best 7th birthday.

Have you ever received helpful advice in the most unusual of places?

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