PornHub released 10 years of user data. And wow, we're an interesting bunch.

Well, we’re an interesting bunch.

PornHub has just released its user data from the past 10 years, and it turns out we have some very peculiar special interest areas.

When PornHub first came (ahem) into our lives a decade ago, it was unlike anything the world had seen before – and it soon grew to be the biggest distributor of amateur porn on the internet.

And as the demand for – and supply of – amateur porn grew, people got, well, a little bit kinkier.

Here are some of the biggest (and most surprising) trends from the last 10 years:

There’s something about Fidel.

It turns out you CAN mix political current affairs with porn. When it was announced Fidel Castro had passed away last November, searches for ‘Cuba’ on PornHub went up 104%. People were also busy ‘researching’ Cuban maids (the top related term) and ‘big booty Cuba’ (ranked number 4).

pornhub data sexual desire
"Yep, people are now fantasising about things that would make every single one of the Brady Bunch blush." Image via iStock.

And when rumours of a Donald Trump 'pee tape' first surfaced in January this year, searches for 'golden showers' increased by a whooping 289%. Eek.

Step sex became a thing.

Just when you thought family gatherings couldn't get any more awkward, the porn industry created step sex. In 2015, 'stepmum' topped PornHub's list of the most searched for terms - and it held its ground in 2016. But in even creepier news, 'stepsister' ranked number seven in 2015. Yep, people are now fantasising about things that would make every single one of the Brady Bunch blush. Oh Marcia, you're lucky you missed this.

Unprotected sex made a comeback.

In 2013, 'creampie' was the third biggest searched for term on PornHub. For the uninitiated (you lucky things, you) a 'creampie' is a when a scene ends with visibly dripping semen. It serves as 'proof' that a condom was not used during the sex act. Which is both horrifying and weirdly reminiscent of the 1970's penchant for the 'money shot'.

Millennials like playing dress ups.

Ah, millennials - first you had your avo toast and now you have your kooky sex fetishes. Compared to other generations, our millennial mates are 214% more likely to search for 'cosplay' on PornHub. Which means they really like watching people have sex wit other people dressed up as characters from video games and comics.

porn hub data sexual desire
"On average, women spend 1:14 minutes longer on the site than men. " Image via iStock.

And in 2012, cartoons got a little bit sexier. 'Cartoons' was the overall top ranked search term, as porn parodies of The Simpsons and The Family Guy started to grow in popularity. Yep, we know, we'll never be able to look Homer Simpson in the eye again, either.

Keeping up with the, erm, porn industry.

In 2008, Kim Kardashian was the most watched porn star. She's obviously done a lot of other things since then, but she seems to have remained in the hearts (and wet dreams) of the porn community.

Last year after it was revealed that Kim was a victim of an armed robbery in a Paris hotel room, the term 'burglar' became the second fastest-growing search term, while 'robbers' sat at number 5. Neither term had experienced significant numbers before this.

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Yes, women watch porn.

On average, women spend 1:14 minutes longer on the site than men. Which just confirms what we've always known - we have longer attention spans and better attention to detail.

After 'lesbian' porn, women are most likely to search for 'gay male', followed by 'big dick'. In fact, 37% of PornHub's watchers of gay-male porn are women. And for women over 45, it's their top category.

While you might think women head to the site looking for 'romantic porn', they're much more likely to search for things like 'man eating p***y' (up 589%), 'world’s biggest c**k' (up 499%), 'f**ked hard screaming' (up 281%).

You go, girls.