The 24 most popular unisex names for babies.

In a time when gender is fluid and parents are less inclined to gender stereotype their kids, unisex baby names are just practical and amongst the most popular names.

Plus it makes sense for couples determined not to discover the sex of their baby until they are born.

And then there are all of the famous people who have them…


You just never know how the name you choose for your baby is going to effect their future…

Here are 24 of the best unisex names for babies including those that are proving to be most popular in 2016 and those classics that never fall out of favour.

Unisex names that make an appearance on the top 100 most popular baby names for 2016 list for boys and girls:

1. Logan

Originally a boy’s name, Logan is now featured on both sides of the baby name book and has become popular for girls. Logan is thought to have been a Scottish name but it is believed Clan Logan, as they were known, split and some travelled to Ireland. The Celtic name means “little hollow” and it is claimed people named Logan are trustworthy and loyal.

2. Riley

Another Irish name, Riley is equally popular for both genders however has fallen victim to multiple spelling options including Rylee, Reilly and Ryleigh. These options are definitely better than the original spelling – Raghallach. The name Riley made the Cosmopolitan “Super-Cool Unisex Baby Names” list for 2016 and means “valiant” which signifies courage and determination.

3. Ryder

An Old English name, Ryder literally means “one who rides” and seeing as girls are just as capable of riding as boys, it is a perfect unisex name. Still the controversy continues over it’s use as a girl’s name due to the obvious gag, “Ride Her” but kids will think of a way to tease regardless of a name so if you love it, go for it. Kate Hudson has a son called Ryder.

4. Toby

Toby is the most adorable name for a boy or a girl, or a puppy for that matter and hardly anyone realises it has religious meaning. Toby is taken from the name Tobias which means “God is good”.  A popular boys’ name even in the 80s, Toby is turning out to be a classic and much more popular than its root name Tobias.

5. Darcy

This name started out as a French surname and then began to be used as a first name for boys and girls, although for girls it is often spelled Darcey. It is also thought to be of English origin – Fitzwilliam Darcy in Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice – and is still a regular feature on most popular lists.


6. Harper

Harper is a popular baby name for 2016, cracking the Top 10 of most lists. The trend is thought to be thanks to the new novel from To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee as well as Victoria and David Beckham naming their daughter Harper. It is derived from the word “harp” as in harp players and was originally a surname.

7. Paige

This name is considered more suitable for baby girls than baby boys, although it is still used for both. In fact it began as a boy’s name and derived from the term “paige boy” which was the label given to boys taking their first step towards training to be a knight during Medieval times in England.

8. Frankie

In most countries around the world Frankie is a unisex name and has three most common meanings – javelin as in javelin thrower, free and honest. Sometimes a shortened version of Frances, the use of the name Frankie is still in the top ten of most baby name lists for 2016.

9. Charlie

Charlie is the male derivative of Charlotte however now Charlie is used for both girls and boys with equal popularity, although oftentimes for girls the “e” is dropped. Think Charli from children’s musical group Hi-Five. As with Frankie, Charlie is now used as a stand-alone name as opposed to being a nickname.

10 Billie

Since it’s evolution from the name William, Billy and then Billie are both popular baby names for both genders. And who doesn’t want to name their baby girl after the amazing Billie Proudman from beloved Aussie drama Offspring? Please come back for another season! The name William means protector.

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Unisex names that are still popular classics:

11. Peyton

The name Peyton was used by Scottish royalty but also means “royal” in English-speaking countries, “regal” in Latin and for the good old English, it means “From the fighter’s farm”!?! Peyton is derived from the name Patrick but is now considered unisex.

12. Alex

No longer just an abbreviation of Alexander (for boys) or Alexandra (for girls), Alex is a popular unisex baby name. The original version of the name is Greek and means “defender of mankind” and implies strength. It was used for rulers, kings and popes in Greece, Macedonia and Russia.

13. Taylor

Another surname that became a first name, Taylor began as an English occupation name given to those whose families were tailors – Tailor – and has fallen victim to a variety of spellings including Tayler and Tailer. The most popular modern spelling is Taylor (thank you Swiftie).

14. Chris

The name Chris is said to mean “Bearer of Christ” which probably isn’t the reason many parents are choosing these days. Originating in Greece, Chris is short for Christopher or Christine but is now a solid, stand-alone name that has become a popular unisex baby name.

15. Daryl

Of French origin, the name Daryl translates to mean “dear” or “beloved” which is quite sweet for a beautiful new baby. It is typically a boy’s name but has evolved into a beautiful unisex name. The spelling Daryl is thought to be a derivative of the original spelling “Darrell”, more commonly used for boys.

16. Eddie

A nickname given to the Ednas, Edwinas, Edmundas, Edmondes of the world, this is a common first name introduced to us by the English. However the abbreviation, Ed, is Hebrew and means “witness”.  It’s most popular year was 2015 and it continues to be more popular for boys than girls.

17. Frances

Francis or Frances have been used as unisex baby names for decades. Sometimes derived from Francesca or shortened to Fran, Frances is Latin for “from France” or “free one” and is related to the boy’s name Frank. People named Frances are thought to be interested in the welfare of others.


18. Jesse

Jesse isn’t always short for Jessica in girls and is a stand-alone name given to boys. Also spelled Jessie, this name is thought to have been derived from Jesus and means “jehovah” or “shepherd”. People named Jesse are thought to be orderly and practical in nature.

19. Jordan

Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan and thus is the biblical origin of this old-fashioned unisex name which translated means “flowing down”. It has been suggested that Jordan is one of the most successful unisex baby names of all time.

20. Jules

Jules is the feminine form of the original Julius but is now commonly used for boys and girls. The meaning of the name is “youthful” and is sometimes a shortened version of Julie. It’s unfortuate Greek translation is “hairy”, referring to the first hair that appears on the face as a child ages.

21. Morgan

This is the only Welsh unisex baby name to make our list. Used in Shakespeare, this name means “one who dwells by the sea”. People named Morgan are thought to have an “inner need for deep quiet”. The Morgans of the world are also thought to be popular and social.

22. Sage

Sage is a herb, and a unisex baby name however also refers to the verb “sage” as in “to be sage”. Sage as a baby name is Latin in origin and means “wise” or “knowing”. It has become one of the more popular unisex baby names around the world.

23. Sam

The popular unisex name Sam began as a shortened version of boy’s name Samuel and girl’s name Samantha (or Samson or Samir). Sam translates to mean “God listens” for those who appreciate religious origins. In most countries around the world Sam is normally a boy’s name but has been used so often for girl’s that it is now understood to be unisex.

24. Campbell

Campbell began as a common Scottish, American and English surname but soon became a popular unisex first name in each country. Unfortunately Campbell translates to mean “crooked mouth”  which could have affected it’s popularity among expectant parents. Still, it’s managed to make the list.

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