Look! It's the world’s ugliest shoe.


Man repellers rejoice! Because just when we thought shoes couldn’t get any uglier, fashion’s tastemakers have thrown us a real doozy.

Thanks to Normcore – the fashion movement where it’s trendy to wear non-labels and dress to fit in, rather than stand out – the hottest footwear trend right now is essentially what your high school boyfriend wore for most of the 90s.

They are the type of shoe you might wear in public showers to protect yourself from contracting tinea, or something a rapper might accessorise with an Adidas tracksuit. In short, they’re a sportier, more expensive version of hotel slippers.

Introducing The Birkenstock’s sportier, furrier cousin, The Pool Slide.

Instead of the Birk’s iconic thick leather buckled straps, the pool slide in 2014 is heavily influenced by the Adidas originals but updated with metallic, fur or embellished accents.

Designers like Cèline, Chloé, and Marni have produced versions, but don’t think this is a trend that isn’t going to hit Australian shores. It already has. Brands like Senso (above), Witchery, Lipstick and The Iconic have dived head first into the slide shoe pool, and they won’t be the only ones.

If you are coming around to the idea of pool slides, (ok, I admit it, I’m kinda into the cross-front Cèline ones… look, they have one huge upside, COMFORT) then you can pick up a Chloe neoprene pair for the bargain price $840 or Givenchy’s floral version for $827 (expect many knock-offs). But since this trend is unlikely to stick around next year, don’t spend a month’s rent on a pair. But you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Wait, did I mention you’re encouraged to wear them with socks?

So…Pool Slides, yes or hell no? Vote below!

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