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"So last night the police interrupted our group chat in the most spectacular way."

In a feel-good story out of Wales, police officers joined a Facebook group chat to help a drunk student find his way home.

Cameron was on a night out with friends in Cardiff when he was refused entry to a club because he was too drunk.

He decided to call it a night and began walking home when he was picked up by the concerned officers, who saw him stumbling along the street.

police join group chat
"Hello it's the police on Cameron's phone." Image vi Twitter.

The police offered to drive him home, but poor Cameron couldn't remember his own address.

So one quick-thinking officer jumped onto a Facebook group chat on Cameron's phone and asked his mates for help.

Lawrence Court, Cameron's 20-year-old pal posted screenshots of the chat on Twitter, writing: "So last night the police interrupted our group chat in the most spectacular way."


The group thought their mate might have been pulling their leg when the police first appeared in the thread.

They wrote: "Hello it's the police on Cameron's phone."

"He is very drunk and we are dropping him home. He does not know what number Woodville Road he lives on."

After giving the police Cameron's address, the students were still questioning whether it was actually the cops, so the police officer posted a selfie to the thread.

police join group chat
Image via Twitter.

"F*ck me dead it's legit," one of Cameron's mates wrote.

The helpful and hilarious police officer also changed Cameron's name in the group to: "Such a VIP he has a police escort".

Court's Twitter post has already received over 72,423 likes and has been re-tweeted over 23 000 times.

Now THAT'S a feel good story.

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