The Queensland Police have something to say about the "disturbing" Bachelorette finale.

Australia, are you okay this morning? Because for the SECOND time this year, our hearts have been broken by a dating reality TV show finale.

Listen to the final episode of Bach Chat, the podcast where we talk all things Bachelorette.

We’re not saying we’re not happy for Georgia Love and her new man Lee, because, we totally are.


MODELS. Image via Channel 10.

It's just that... Matty J was one of the best Bachelorette contestants of ALL TIME. So, understandably, we're a little upset by the results.

And we're not the only ones.

THE PAIN. Image via Channel 10.

One avid fan felt compelled to report Matty J's loss to the Queensland Police.

Preach, Jonathan.

Naturally, Queensland Police were ready with an equally as hilarious response:

This is almost as good as the time WA Police warned us all NOT to set our lounge rooms on fire after Fireman Cam was eliminated from the competition.

NEVER FORGET. Image via Facebook.
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