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"A NATIONAL TREASURE." The best reactions to Poh's elimination on MasterChef last night.

Poh Ling Yeow was undoubtedly one of the most loved contestants on MasterChef Australia: Back To Win

She's erratic, passionate, and stupidly talented, and somehow we've all just become used to the magic she creates when she (once again) gives herself way too much to do, in a tiny time limit.

But on Sunday night that dreaded clock finally caught her, and she was eliminated from the show just shy of the top five.

It's safe to say collectively as a country, we just aren't coping. 

WATCH: Poh's exit interview is everything. Post continues after video. 

Video via Channel Ten.

For Asian Australians, Poh represented a kind of diversity previously absent on our TV screens. 

"There was a sense of pride watching Poh (Malaysian/Chinese background) unashamedly draw from her heritage to create otak otak and nasi lemak," wrote Mamamia's Melody Teh after an earlier episode.

"For the many Australians who have an Asian background watching from home, this new season of MasterChef has packed an emotional punch that none of us expected from a cooking competition," Melody added.

Last night, that same sentiment was echoed in the tributes on Twitter.


As the news of Poh's elimination dawned on her fellow contestants last night, Reece's shocked, panicked eyes and Laura's hands over her mouth represented us all. 

"Poh, you are a national treasure. Every day, we could be guaranteed we would get all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your love and all of your commitment," judge Melissa Leong told her. 


"You have been part of the MasterChef family since day one, and it has been the greatest privilege to have you back in this kitchen cooking with us." 

"We've been mates for 10 years in work and in social life, and I think when people think of MasterChef in this country, you're probably the image that gets conjured up in their mind," added Callum, as he choked back tears.

Here's how the rest of Australia reacted: 


"I am really proud of myself for getting to top six because they're really amazing. So that must mean I am a bit amazing," Poh said after her elimination. 


Feature image: MasterChef.