The $22 Eyeliner This Aussie Actress Swears By

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The $22 Eyeliner This Aussie Actress Swears By

What does a Bollywood actress actually put on her face?

Pallavi Sharda is an Australian-Indian film actress who grew up in suburban Melbourne and became a Bollywood superstar. You might have seen her in the critically-acclaimed film Lion or the ABC comedy shows Les Norton and Retrograde. Her work requires her to wear a lot of makeup - which is why she wants to take care of her skin.

From making her own at home skincare remedies to where to find the best foundation that caters to coloured skin and the $22 eyeliner she swears by, this is what we found when we rummaged through Pallavi’s beauty bag…

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HostSharon Hunt (Shazzy)

Guest: Pallavi Sharda 

Executive Producer: Zoe Ferguson 


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