The Bus Stop Killer

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02 Oct 2019 · 37 minutes

The Bus Stop Killer
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Levi Bellfield has been charged and found guilty of the murder of Milly Dowler, Marsha McDonnell, Amelie Delagrange and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy. Women who were linked by nothing other than the man who chose to kill them. Bellfield’s murders were baffling in their lack of motive, hindering law enforcement from figuring out who was responsible.

Geoffrey Wansell is a London based journalist and author who has written and researched extensively the crimes of Levi Bellfield - who the public would come to know as the Bus Stop Killer. When writing the book The Bus Stop Killer Geoffrey undertook a full year of research and spent every day of Levi Bellfield’s trial in court, piecing together the details of the killer’s life and crimes.

Speaking with Jessie from his home in London, Geoffrey takes us through the case of one of the UK’s most violent serial killers in modern times. 

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GUEST: Geoffrey Wansell

HOST: Jessie Stephens

PRODUCER: Elise Cooper


  • The Bus Stop Killer: Milly Dowler, Her Murder and the Full Story of the Sadistic Serial Killer Levi Bellfield. 


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