Granny Evil: Australia's Most Infamous Matriarch

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21 Aug 2019 · 51 minutes

Granny Evil: Australia's Most Infamous Matriarch
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Kathleen Pettingill had ten children. All of them are either incarcerated, in witness protection, or dead. So, how did Kathleen become the head of one of the most prolific and violent crime families in modern Australian history?

Jessie speaks with author Adrian Tame about the life and crimes of Kathleen Pettingill - a woman who throughout his years profiling her he has come to count as a friend.

You can buy Adrian Tame’s book The Matriarch online and at all good book stores.


GUEST: Adrian Tame

HOST: Jessie Stephens


The Matriarch by Adrian Tame

Australian Families Of Crime | Mother of Evil: Kath Pettingill 

National Nine News, 12 October 1998. National Film Sound Archive title: 51653. Courtesy: Nine Network.

Suburban Gangsters: Stewart Regan and Dennis Allen - The Psychos, Nine Network

Police Under Fire: The Walsh Street Killings Seven Network


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