The Husband And Wife Serial Killers: Part One

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The Husband And Wife Serial Killers: Part One

In November 1986, police visited a quiet residence on a suburban Perth street. The occupants of that house, lifelong lovers David and Catherine Birnie were arrested soon after.

That house will be forever synonymous with five unimaginable crimes, known to history as the Moorhouse Murders.

Catherine will never be released from jail. She is only the third woman in Australian history to be given this sentence

Andrew Byrne is an acclaimed journalist and author. He reported on the Birnies for a television documentary series, and is currently working on a book about the serial killing husband and wife.

In this episode we delve deep into the upbringings of David and Catherine; how their traumatic and violent childhoods could have led to their depraved actions in adulthood.

As Andrew is still working on his book he asks that if you or anyone you know has any information on the Birnies to contact him via his LinkedIn profile 


Guest: Andrew Bryne
Host: Jessie Stephens
Technical Producer: Luca Lavigne
Executive Producer and Editor: Elise Cooper



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