Can We Actually Take The Christchurch Terrorist Back?

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31 Aug 2020 · 14 minutes

Can We Actually Take The Christchurch Terrorist Back?
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The verdict is in after the Christchurch mosque shootings, and it's one which will hopefully give the families of victims some comfort, knowing the person who changed their lives will be behind bars forever. 

There have been calls by members of the New Zealand Government to extradite the  gunman back to Australia, so his actions don't cost New Zealanders anything more. 

Is this a possibility? The Quicky investigates. 

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Host/Producer: Claire Murphy 

Executive Producer: Melanie Tait

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri 

Guests:  Mariné Lourens, journalist Stuff.Co.Nz; Associate Professor Amy Maguire, University of Newcastle. 


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