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Welcome to That’s Incredible!  A podcast about the unexpectedly awesome things that are all around us.  

Today we’re going to be looking at something that’s a very big part of your!

Take a look around you at all the little gadgets and tools you use every day.  Everything from a smartwatch to an iPhone to your TV remote was invented by someone clever.  So today we're going to learn some awesome stuff about technology and find out what everyday life will be like 50 years from now!

So let's go!

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There’s an American guy who draws really elaborate inventions called, Rube Goldberg.  

His device for washing a window involved leaving a banana skin on the floor so a man would trip on it, causing him to fall on a rake which tossed a horseshoe in the air which landed on a rope that tilted a watering can that wet a mop and woke up a dog who knocked over a sign that fell against the mop and made it wipe a window. 

You can find his cool inventions here...

Do you reckon you could design something similar?  It doesn’t have to be that complicated, maybe it’s just tying a hairbrush to your dog’s tail to make an automatic hair brushing machine when your dog wags its tail?

Use your imagination because that’s exactly what you need to be a good inventor!

Draw us a picture of your invention and send it into [email protected].  We’d love to see how your inventive mind works!


Host: Andrew Daddo

Guest: Steve Sammartino

Executive Producer: Rachel Corbett

Senior Producers: Elise Cooper & Rachael Hart

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Thanks to our cast of incredible kids... Summer Waller, Sofia Lefebvre, Indiana Yates, George Cook, Amelia Cook and Lucia Bartlam.


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