Beauty Vlogger Lily Brown Doesn’t Hide Her Bad Skin Days

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Beauty Vlogger Lily Brown Doesn’t Hide Her Bad Skin Days

Lily Brown is a YouTuber, beauty blogger, influencer, and the most bad ass redhead you’ll ever meet.

The 20-year-old vlogger has no qualms showing the less glamorous parts of being a beauty influencer; particularly while dealing with acne flare ups and eczema. 

From the boring parts of her days, to international trips, moving back home, and beach parties; Lily shares all the parts of her life with her hundreds of thousands of followers.

She uses her own journey with bad skin and anxiety to cut through the picture-perfect facade of the ‘gram and keep it transparent with the people who look up to her.

Tully digs deep with the beauty influencer about filtering apps, having down days, authenticity, and the weirdest DMs in her inbox .

GUEST: Lily Brown - @__lilybrown

HOST: Tully Smyth - @tee_smyth

PRODUCER: Elise Cooper


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