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"My friend just had a miscarriage and I sent her a link to this podcast. Thank you."

It is so rare for a woman to have the bravery to tell her story of losing a child by miscarriage. Especially, when the immediate grief hasn’t passed and even just talk of a baby has tears welling in her eyes.

A few months ago, our dear friend Monique Bowley told her raw and honest story of her miscarriage. One that happened just weeks before.

Since Monz shared her story, one that had us all in tears and giving her hugs over the internet, we have received an overwhelming amount of correspondence. So much love for Monz and all women experiencing this “ordinary tragedy”.

This is just one letter we received from a listener, who is now using the podcast – and the many others we have done on pregnancy loss – to help women, everyday.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with pregnancy loss or depression, contact PANDA on Ph: 1300 726 306.

Dear Mamamia

I want to thank Mia and Monique for their recent Mamamia Out Loud podcast, “A story about miscarriage”. Thank you in advance.

I am a counsellor based in Sydney who specialises in supporting women after stillbirth and miscarriage, as well as through IVF. I recently listened to Mia’s beautiful, raw and emotional podcast with Bec Sparrow about the stillbirth of her daughter Georgie, and have separately written to Bec to thank her for such brave honesty.

In listening to both of these podcasts while walking the dog at sunrise around Bondi, I found myself stopping to take notes so that I could share them on Facebook. I was so struck by Monique’s raw emotion in talking so bravely about her recent loss.

Monique, I am so incredibly sorry to hear of your loss. As Brene Brown says, to be vulnerable is to be brave. What incredible bravery you showed in opening up so honestly in this podcast about all the feelings and emotions you have experienced. Everything you said resonated for me so much, and I believe it is so important for us to ensure women have the right support after pregnancy loss. As you said, to just be told by those around you that you are in their thoughts helps so much.

Mia, hearing you talk about Sheryl Sandberg’s 3P’s, how hard pregnancy loss can be when nobody got to meet the person you are grieving, and “keeping grief in your back pocket” was such wonderful advice. So many of my clients talk about now knowing where to put their grief, and I have used the “back pocket” analogy since heading your podcast with Bec Sparrow.

Once again, a huge thank you to you both for such honesty and raising awareness. I will direct so many clients to listen to this podcast. To normalise all the emotions they are experiencing in their grief, and to know that they are not alone.

Best wishes,

Lucy Kemp

You can listen to Monique talking about what has and hasn’t helped her through the miscarriage below:

Mamamia, through our Pregnancy Loss Awareness resources, offers hope to those who are hearing those torturous words, “I’m sorry, but there’s no heartbeat” for the first time. And to those who are still grieving after years or decades. There are more details here.