'I hate it when my baby has more Instagram friends than me.'

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Heard the one about the newborn that posted on Instagram two hours after being born?

Not on her parents’ profiles either. It was baby’s first social media account. Ioni Conran had barely snipped the umbilical cord before the selfie stick was out for a duckface post-birth moment.


Sure, Ioni Conran has two semi-famous, model parents.  But now her adoring social media fan base is is almost at 40,000 followers.  Each photo garners thousands of likes and comments. She’s a social media enigma before she can walk.

About 40 percent of mums put their kids on social media, and there’s lots of too-ing and fro-ing about the dangers and the benefits. But this week, on Mamamia’s podcast This Glorious Mess, the whole concept brought Andrew Daddo undone.

“What’s, exactly, is the point?” he said.

Now THAT’S a selfie.

We’re not sure. But that’s kind of the point of This Glorious Mess. It’s a podcast for parents who don’t really feel like parents – who still sometimes wake up and go – what happened here? Who are these kids? Who am I? And what the hell am I doing reserving social media accounts before my baby is even born?

Also this week: where there are teenagers, there are phones. And where there are teenagers and phones and privacy….there will be sexting. The research shows it’s now considered a normal part of teenage relationships…so do you make them swear there bits remain offline, or do you teach them how to do it responsibly?

It’s the podcast to listen to when the kids aren’t around.

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