The latest episode of This Glorious Mess has dropped.

It’s the podcast that parents listen to when the kids are not around.

Apparently, there are two kinds of homes: naked ones, and clothed ones. And which one you grew up in probably informs which one you live in now.

This week, on This Glorious Mess, Mamamia’s podcast for parents, Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo work out just how naked their homes are, and whether or not there’s a turning point when you just need to cover the hell up:

Also this week, the day that one mum found out her “quirky” child is on the autism spectrum. What’s that like?

Writer, commentator and mum of three Jo Abi tells Andrew and Holly why she ignored the signs that her son was “different” for years.

Jo Abi and Giovanni.

Plus, parents behaving badly. A brawl broke out at a six-year-old’s birthday party at an indoor play centre in Sydney last weekend. Is there something about those places that drives people insane? Holly thinks so.

And would you sue if your child fell down at school? Two Melbourne parents are doing exactly that after their boy injured himself in the school playground. Is that damaging for the child who has to keep turning up at school every day, or is it fair enough to expect that your child is safe when they’re out of your sight?

The brawl in the indoor play centre in Sydney last week.

All this, as well as who won and lost at parenting this week. It’s a truly messy business.

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