The ice cream that understands PMS.

Anger, rage, whining, crying, anxiety, laughter, repeat.

A graphic design student from Texas has created an ice cream that won’t just help you eat your way through your period feels — it actually gets them.

PMS: A serious hormonal issue or just an excuse to be a b*tch?

21-year-old Parker Jones is the creator of “The ice cream that understands PMS”, which comes in three relatably soothing flavours:

‘I Think I’m Dying’ aka Strawberry Swirl, ‘Don’t Come Near Me’ (Rocky Road) and ‘I Need Some More'(Mint Choc Chip).

Thanks, period ice cream.

Jones told The Daily Mail she wanted the project to “make like of the hell women go through during their periods.”

“I wanted to do a project that showed a humorous side of PMS… and how it effects women and what we really want to say when we just don’t feel good,” she said.

“This really took a lot of different iterations before I got it just right.”

Parker originally posted her period-friendly packaging idea on the design site Behance and unfortunately that’s still the only place you’ll find them, but she says she’s hoping to turn them into a real product in the future.

We hope so too. For now you can admire them here.