ROADTEST: I went looking for the perfect wedding guest dress. Here's what I found.

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Love, flowers, friends, an open bar... And with restrictions lifting, weddings are back on!

I can hear brides rejoicing up and down the East Coast of Australia, and the sound of wedding guests howling in frustration because they’ve realised that 12 months without major events has left them with nothing to wear.

Bodies change, as do fashion trends, so I (your favourite fat fashionista) am here to help you revamp your wedding wardrobe!

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Now, it’s been a while since I went to a wedding so I asked my friends and the wisdom of Instagram what wedding fashion rules they live by. Here’s what they came up with:

  1. Don't wear white

  2. Don't wear the same colour as the bridesmaids

  3. Nothing too revealing

  4. NEVER upstage the bride.

My only addendum: It’s 2021 and not all brides wear white. So, as long as it’s okay with the bride, don’t be afraid of white! I even have a white option to show you.

I loved this roadtest because there isn’t just one type of wedding – there are formal weddings, beach weddings, boho weddings, the possibilities are endless. Which means so are the fashion choices! 

I searched high and low for five plus-size wedding outfits with different themes in mind, so hopefully there’s something for everyone.

As always, I’ve ditched the number on the tag and relied on the size guide on the website to help me choose what’s right for me. But in case you’re wondering, I’m usually a size 24-ish.

Also, I’ve rated the cost of these dresses using dollar signs ranging from $ for cheap, to $$$ for exy.

Beach Wedding: Forever New Curve

Image: Supplied.


I know I’ve recommended Forever New Curve before, but when I think about opulent plus-size fashion FNC is up there. 

The quality is next level, but for me it’s the fit that keeps me coming back for more. That, and their flagship store is a twenty-minute drive from my apartment.

The dress that I chose from FNC is the Pearl Curve Frill Maxi Dress in size 22, and I think it’s not only perfect for a beach wedding but any wedding (depending on the bride’s opinion of white dresses). 

This dress is flattering on a fat body for a number of reasons – it’s cinched at the waste, so it accentuates your curves, and the v-neckline is cheeky and compliments a variety of bust sizes. 

I'm also obsessed with the soft layered skirt because it's both soft and elegant. It doesn’t cling anywhere! 

You can wear flats and anti chafe shorts with this dress so if that doesn’t make it the perfect beach wedding dress, I don't know what will.

Cost: $$$

Size: 22

Fit: Generous.

Formal Wedding: City Chic

Image: Supplied.


City Chic is a brand that most plus-size babes are familiar with. 

There are City Chic stores all around the country, which makes it super accessible to most people, but also means that you run the risk of wearing the same thing as the other fat divas at the wedding. 

I chose to look past this because the dress I found is PERFECT for a cocktail/formal wedding!

The Pixel Floral Dress from City Chic gives me a few mixed emotions. First, the silhouette is stunning! It highlighted my curves without being too tight and the layers of fabric across the front of the dress allowed me to showcase my curves without highlighting my tummy, which I know is a sensitive area for a lot of people.

My one criticism of this dress is that while it did fit my bust (I’m a 24 E-F) I think it is more flattering on someone with a bigger chest. 

So if you’re a smaller busted babe, either try it on in store or leave yourself plenty of time to exchange it, just in case.

Cost: $$$

Size: XL (22)

Fit: Perfect. Form-fitting but not too tight.

Cocktail Wedding: Boohoo

Image: Supplied.


At just $27 the Off The Shoulder Wrap Midi Dress from Boohoo is the cheapest option on my list. 

The cheapest but, in my opinion, the cutest. 

Boohoo is great for plus-size options on a budget, but the drawback is you can’t try things on in store. That being said, I’ve found the size chart very reliable.

Am I promising you that a $27 dress will last you a lifetime? No. But this dress is definitely perfect for a cocktail wedding.

The stone colour is beautiful and will complement so many skin tones. Plus, the whole dress is stretchy! A win if I’ve ever worn it. Heels, flats – wear whatever you feel.

Cost: $

Size: 24

Fit: Super stretchy and comfy.

Casual wedding: 17 Sundays

Image: Supplied.

You know I love to support small Australian businesses, and my last two picks are from two of my favourite local plus-size brands!


The 17 Sundays showroom is literally just down the road from my building, which is dangerous. I usually wear nothing but their jeans, but jeans are under no circumstances wedding appropriate. 

So I went with a softer cotton option: a jumpsuit!

The Black Floral Jumpsuit caught my eye because of its versatility. The orange floral pattern is pretty and understated which gives you the opportunity to really let your accessories and personality shine.

I know a jumpsuit is an intimidating fashion choice for so many people but you can absolutely wear a jumpsuit, regardless of your size. So whack some bling on your wrists and in your ears and shine queen! Shine!

Cost: $$

Size: 24

Fit: Standard sizing. No stretch.

Boho wedding: Vagary

Image: Supplied.

Known for their unique plus-size boho fashion, Vagary is a new brand for me. Not because I just heard about them, but because every time they drop their latest line, they sell out and I haven’t been able to get to the website in time! But here I am with this epic maxi dress and it was so worth it.

The Black Starry Midi Dress is a stunning option for any plus-size babe to wear to a boho wedding. Not only does it have the option to be worn off the shoulder, the sleeves allow you to cover your arms if you’re a little self-conscious about them.


A word of warning for my big busted babes: the ruched elastic bust of this dress isn’t very wide so when I sat down my bust did stand out. Be careful.

Black is a controversial colour to wear to a wedding with a lot of superstition, so check with the wedding party before committing!

Cost: $$$

Size: 22

Fit: VERY Generous and super stretchy around the bust and elbows.

I’m a fat girl who likes to wear crop tops and sheer garments. So needless to say, I hate societally enforced fashion rules. 

My advice is: unless you want to be having some harsh words with the MOH and blacklisted from future family events it’s always best to check your outfit with the bride or maid of honour before the big day.

My final wedding fashion tips are: 1. don’t be afraid of colour, 2. accessories are everything and 3. If wearing heels, have a backup pair of flats because barefoot babes on the dance floor are just sloppy.

So go forth my fashion hungry plus-size babes and challenge yourself, because there are so many options out there. You just need to know where to look.

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