Company tries to sell plus-size shorts using petite model in the worst possible way.

There’s nothing like seeing a person fit their entire body into one half of a clothing item to make you feel really, really fat.

Somewhat bewilderingly though, it’s a ploy being used by one discount clothing site to try and sell clothes.

Despite the shorts being stocked in sizes XXXL and XXXXXL only, the seller site, Wish decided to enlist the services of a model who is very clearly nowhere close to being of that size to promote the clothing item.

Posing in the accompanying image, the shot shows the bottom half of a slender woman; her entire body snuggly tucked into one short leg, the other stretched out by her spare arm.

interrobang wish shorts fail
The XXXL / XXXXXL shorts modelled on Wish.

We know, we don’t get it either.

But thankfully the Internet has for once responded exactly as it should, ridiculing the image and what it stands for. You know it’s really bad when the general consensus of the internet is against you…

UK designer Christina Ashman wrote on Facebook: “I don’t have any formal qualifications in marketing, but if plus size ladies buy shorts based on how one leg looks on a whole petite woman, then maybe smaller ladies will buy skirts based on how the whole thing looks on one pretty thunderous thigh.”

Ashman – who designs plus sized clothing under the label Interrobang Art & Fashion – said she thought it was the worst example of fashion marketing she’s yet to see.

“If you’re aiming a product at a certain demographic, you should be using an example of that demographic to show how it would actually look on them,” she said.

“Plus-size shorts should be shown on two plus-size legs – not a whole petite body inside one leg.”

The $13 polyester shorts are currently under “product review”.

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Do you think the advertisement is ridiculous? Would you be offended if you saw it while shopping online?

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