CULT BUY: The maxi dress that's perfect for plus size women.


So yesterday I stumbled across a motherflippin’ unicorn out in the wild.

Well, almost.

I found myself a plus size maxi dress that actually fits, looks bloody amazing and left me with change from $150.

The frock in question is the Peacock Love Maxi Dress from City Chic – you can buy it online or in store and it’s available in sizes XS-XL (14-22).


(The amazing Jenni Eyles from Styling Curvy in her Peacock Maxi Dress above.)

It’s… it’s perfect.

It has everything I’ve been looking for in a maxi dress for only $139.95.

The length is perfect – it sits right at my ankles and I’m average height (169 centimeters to be precise), it’s not weirdly short and it’s not so long that I’m tripping over it.

The cut is amazing – it’s gathered under the waist meaning I actually have a waist and it skims over my curves in all the right places.

And the sleeves – the SLEEVES – they’re three quarter length with elasticised cuffs, so you can push them up or down depending on your arm feels.

Also, the dress is made of a really soft, summery woven viscose so you’ll be able to wear it on sweatiest of sweaty summer days.

Thank you, maxi dress Goddess, for sending me this little beauty.

Please, go out and grab one for yourself. Let’s enjoy this creation together. You’re welcome. Happy shopping.

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