The easy way for you and your partner to have a kinky sex life.

There’s a scene in Broad City (if you haven’t seen it go out now and watch it. Now. Pls. Okay thank you) where Abbi is in bed with her next-door neighbour and then he suddenly surprises her by asking her to wear a strapon.


Yep. Surprise pegging requests don’t often go down smoothly — but here’s the thing.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

You can have a much more seamless pegging transaction, if that is what you’re into.

Enter: Plsplsme. It's an app that allows you and your partner to scroll through kinky options, and then select what you're into, and then it matches your preferences.

So, they don't need to find out anything you want to try, if they don't want to go there.

Brilliant, eh?

It was developed by a virgin Mormon bride, Graceann Bennett, who found herself shutting down because she couldn't communicate with her husband about what she wanted in the bedroom. So, she designed a way to do so.

From cuddling, to toe sucking, to having sex in public places, this app covers a wide range of sexual preferences. And this week, on the Prude and the Pornstar, Madison and Carla talk all about it. And finally, this is something that Carla can go on board with.

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Telling your partner what you really want in bed is complicated for many, many reasons, which is why this app is so amazing, because it eliminates fear, judgement, embarrassment, stigma, shame, etc etc.

"I think it's really good, because it does offer that level of protection, because if you've got something, some part of your sexuality that you're not quite okay with, but you might be willing to explore with your partner, you've got a way to do it without them finding out that you're into something that you might be a little embarrassed to say to them.

"Anything that can help couples communicate better... I think overall it's going to lead to breaking down boundaries. One you've done this app, and you've got your matches, that opens up the door to be able to have that conversation about it." Madison says.


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Another stigma the app is breaking down? That virgin Morman brides can't be kinky too: "I kind of imagined it would be really boring stuff, like 'Do you like reading the bible before getting down', but it wasn't, it was kind of stuff that you hear about all the time, like 'Do you like being tied up, would you want to have public sex, would you want to use a sex toy?' so there's quite a lot of variety in there, I was really surprised," Carla says.

"Just because someone is a Christian doesn't mean they can't have a fulfilling sex life, and it doesn't mean they can't be kinky and all that. You can still maintain your religious values, and still have fun with your partner. Not everything has to be about making babies all the time."

Amen to that, Madison.

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