Eight OTHER questions we should ask during the plebiscite.

So, you know how there are plans to hold the same sex marriage plebiscite on February 11 next year?

ICYMI, this is where our politicians can’t make up their mind about whether all humans should have equal rights to marry one another, so rather than decide amongst themselves, they are spending 185 million dollars to ask everyone in Australia what WE think instead.

Jobs and Growth and.....shit..what do you guys think? via Getty

Don't you think, that if we are going to go to all the hassle of this time, expense, campaigning, pencils and paper stationary for just ONE question, it's a bit of a waste?

If the pollies want to know what we think, let's have MORE questions!

Hear us talk about it on Mamamia Out Loud:

Let's get some BANG for our PLEBISCITE BUCK.

Here's some other things we could ask.

  1. Should Australia become a republic?

  2. Should we get a new flag?

  3. Should we have an independent body whose job it is to process asylum seekers instead of the Government?

  4. Should Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people be recognised in the constitution?

  5. Should all Politicians fly Jetstar?

  6. Should euthanasia be legalised?

  7. Why does bottled water cost more than Coke?

  8. Should Richie choose Nikki or Alex?

Nikki and Alex are the final two girls let standing. Image via Channel 10.

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