Big Ted and Jemima get the boot

It’s the end of an era for the most-loved children’s TV show in Australian history.

For 48 years, Playschool has helped map out the day for Aussie parents. After our children woke from their afternoon nap time, Playschool would begin, giving mums a chance to prepare snacks and coffee for ourselves.

By the time we were choosing between the square window, the round window and the arch window, our children were nibbling away on fruit and we were sipping our coffees. But no more.

Playschool has aired on Australian TV since 1966 and is the second longest running television show after ABC stalwart, Four Corners. Generations of Aussie parents have come to rely on it each weekday afternoon and every Sunday morning.

The change is coinciding with the end of analogue TV, giving ABC the chance to shuffle their shows around. The change starts on February 2.

Let's hope Playschool remains as important to future generations as it has been since it first aired. It's enjoyed a long line of popular hosts and guests hosts.

Is Playschool still relevant to your kids? And who has been your favourite host?

Images courtesy of ABC Playschool