The ultimate feel-good playlist.

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I’ve recently realised that I spend an awful lot of time in the car with my children.

This means we spend an awful lot of time negotiating what we listen to on the radio. Well, except perhaps for the 16-going-on-25-year-old who has her headphones plugged in her ears for the majority of the trip.

There are some songs however, I notice that she will reluctantly remove them for. And then, without even meaning to, finds herself singing along to with the rest of us.

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Plus, I’m all about the ‘uplifting’ song. The ones that we can sing along to that won’t necessarily require me explaining what ‘a disco stick’ is to a nine-year-old. Not only that, I myself have now learnt that I need some fun, feel-good music to get me over that 3:30 slump at work. You know the one? The time in the day where you fall into a deep pit of despair and realise you’ve got at least two hours left until you can ever START to pack up and go home?

So to get you through (like me) the morning commute and (perhaps also like me) get you motivated enough to get through the day, let me present you with 11 of the most uplifting and fun songs to sing along to:

1. Happy – Pharrell Williams

Because if I jump out of bed and listen to this song, I have a better chance of convincing myself I will be. (Happy that is!)

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2. Best Day of My Life – American Authors

Best played when you are knee deep in making school lunches or when jumping in the shower before work. A positive attitude is everything and my mood is certainly improved by this song.

3. Don’t Worry be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

This ironically has the calming effect you need when the traffic is a nightmare and you start to feel the blood pressure rising.

 4. I’m gonna be (500 miles) – The Proclaimers

I like to save this one for when I’m on the treadmill on my lunch hour. Seems to just fit perfectly and get me going. #fitspo


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5. I’m Yours - Jason Mraz

I personally like to have this in my ears when I’m finishing off my lunch outside on a sunny day. It’s just glorious.

6. Geronimo – Sheppard

For when you need that little push to go see the boss and ask for that pay rise. What’s the worst that can happen?

7. Louie Louie – The Kingsmen

Walking out the door of work. Please put this song in your ears as you take that step outside at 5:30pm. It’s righteous.

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8. My Sharona – The Knack

This is one of those songs you can sing car Karaoke to and not even care if someone pulls up beside and busts you. It’s such a feel good song to listen to – especially when you’re on your way home for the day.

9. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

“I’m walking on Sunshine, and don’t it feel good!!” YES, it most certainly does, especially when you get home, open a bottle of wine, sit down on the couch and exhale.

10. You’re my Best Friend – Queen

Now this is a song that goes perfectly with a vino in hand, phone in the other, chatting to a good friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with for ages.

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11. I’m a Believer – Smash Mouth

The kids are in bed. This song then goes on. Because once again, I’m a believer in my sanity when they are all finally tucked up.

Now I know, this is merely the tip of the feel-good song iceberg and there are hundreds, maybe thousands more that you could add. And I encourage you do so, so that then I can add them to my own 3:30-itis playlist. Just try to listen to that playlist and not instantly feel better, I dare you.

Which songs are in your ultimate feel-good playlist?