Play School accidentally taught everyone how to make a bong.

This explains a lot about Big Ted.

Sometimes as an adult when you’re watching TV, you come across Play School. And you sit. And you watch. And you wonder what the hell was going through the hosts’ minds during the show.

This happened recently to one parent who was entertaining her child by watching an episode of Play School.

In it, host Alex Papps, who’s a former Home and Away actor, seems to forget that he’s hosting a children’s show and starts to teach the audience how to make a bong with the help of his co-host, Rachael Coopes.

Well, yep. That’s a bong.

It’s a very old segment, but the video is circulating again for every lucky person who missed it the first time around.

First, he takes a plastic water bottle. Then he adds a straw to a cut-out hole in the bottle. Then he adds some water. There you have it, kids. In amongst the colouring and puppet shows, here’s a life lesson for everyone

You can watch the unfortunate segment below. Post continues after video.

Video via ABC

The video was captured by a parent who decided to film it, probably for later use, while their child screamed in the background. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Twitter users are a bit mad.

Fear not, parents. We’re pretty sure the kids won’t be taking this on board and heading to school with a bunch of empty plastic water bottles and straws. But if they do, don’t be mad. It’s a sure fire way to cement your child’s popularity.

This bong tutorial was Alex Papps approved.

Just look at that cheeky grin.

So – do you see a bong? Or something else entirely?