A woman just shared the perfect Kmart hack to help busy mums with the plastic bag ban.

Last night you might have been minding your own business at the supermarket, only to be hit with the realisation that the plastic bag ban was in full action.

You might have also stuffed a taco kit, avocado and 500 grams of mince into your handbag.

Don’t get us wrong, the plastic bag ban is absolutely a good thing. It’s just a good thing that can catch you on a day when you’re unprepared. Luckily for you, this woman from Western Australia has figured out the perfect solution.

Ashleigh Hair posted the hack on the Kmart mums Facebook page, and it only costs $5.

The woman keeps a Kmart flexible tub in her boot, and only takes it out when she’s shopping. GENIUS.

plastic tub hack
GENIUS. Image: Facebook.

Speaking to Yahoo7, Ashleigh explained that she has a phobia of fabric bags because of bacteria.

“Having worked in hospitals previously, I have a slight phobia of fabric bags and the bacteria they can breed. I know my limitations, and one of them is remembering to wash my reusable bags!” she said.

“The plastic tub, while I understand that it isn’t as environmentally friendly as say a cardboard box - it is easier for me to clean, and to remember to put into the car!” she continued.

Let us list the benefits of the tub:

  1. It's big. Family-of-five big. Perfect for chucking all your vegetables and perishables into.
  2. Everything fits into it. There is no longer a need to call your son out from his Xbox to help bring the groceries in.
  3. The straps on the tub (hopefully) don't snap when you bought too many cans of chickpeas.

Thank you, women of the internet.

What have you been using instead of plastic bags? Tell us in the comments. 

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