The crown for rudest plane passenger ever has just been taken.

It goes without saying that some people lose all sense of manners when they hop on board a plane. From hogging the leg room to lack of personal hygiene, nothing makes a long flight more unpleasant than being in the company of rude people.

If you’re a frequent traveller, you might even think you’ve seen it all when it comes to people lacking in plane etiquette.

Trust us, you probably haven’t seen this.

Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos tweeted an image of a woman’s ponytail flung over the back of her chair. While this might have been very comfortable for her, her long hair obstructed the view of Ramos’ partner’s screen.

Because who needs inflight entertainment when you could just watch a ponytail, right? You might have a happier flight if you avoid these 10 airlines. Post continues after video…

“At first I thought, ‘What is that?'” Ramos told

“It took us a few moments to figure out that it was another passenger’s hair.”

The woman seemed confused when Ramos’ partner Ryan stood up to speak to her.

“Her first language did not appear to be English, and she may have thought he was complaining that she’d reclined her seat,” Ramos said.

According to Ramos’ the offending passenger then moved her chair forward and her hair no longer obstructed the screen.


Unfortunately, some flight attendants report that inconsiderate behaviours are not unusual on flights. There is an entire Instagram account dedicated to it called @passengershaming, which has 350,000 Instagram followers. 

A quick browse of #passengershaming reveals plenty of rude behaviour including putting feet on the back of chairs, in-flight pedicures and even walking around the cabin in ones’ underwear. Charming. 

So next time you find yourself on a plane, spare a thought for the people around you. Keep your hair in your row, your feet on the floor and for goodness sake, keep your pants on.

What’s the rudest behaviour you’ve seen on a plane? 

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