Now placenta is being used as a hair treatment.

Do you dream of thick, healthy, shiny hair that makes you feel like a prize-winning pony? Yeah me too. Then you, my friend, need to get yourself a placenta hair mask.

Sorry, what?! Yes, you read that right. Placenta hair masks are the latest craze in the quest for gorgeous looking, strong locks and devotees say their hair has never felt better.

A placenta's primary function is to support an unborn baby by providing nutrients and vitamins while in the womb.

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They are rich in growth-promoting nutrients and hormones and contain vital proteins for healing and rejuvenation. At some point though, someone decided to use the placenta as a hair mask, and discovered that actually, the benefits do not cease to exist after birth.

Currently, hair masks are only made from the extracts of animal, not human. But placentas are becoming increasingly available for those wishing to jump aboard the bandwagon and there has been so much hype surrounding the treatment that salons around the world have started offering the unique service as part of their menu for clients. (Post continues after gallery.)

Placenta hair masks are said to increase hair growth and decrease shedding. They can assist with thinning of the hair and build healthy hair follicles from the root to tip.

The reason for this is because the proteins found in placentas are closely related to that of the hair itself, therefore aiding in the reconstruction of damaged follicles.

Plus, placentas contain high levels of emollients which soften and smooth the hair strand and give the effect of shinier, healthier hair.

Nope. Nope. Nope. No amount of washing will make me forget what I just rubbed over my hair. Image: istock.

Proteins are nothing new in the haircare world. In fact, hairdressers often advise clients to commence using protein-based treatments if their hair displays symptoms of being dry, damaged and brittle. They are well-known to reconstruct damaged hair and focus on repair from inside the strand.

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Now I'm all for an out-there beauty craze but this one just has a bit too much 'ew' factor for my liking.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to beauty trends?