2 y/o Pixie Curtis and her 17,000 strong following suspended from Instagram.

You either thought it was all kinds of adorable or it made you a little uncomfortable. But regardless of whether you were a fan or a critic of Pixie Curtis’ Instagram account – that opinion doesn’t count for much anymore.

Roxy Jacenko’s daughter has had her Instagram page shut down. And to say the toddler’s 18,000+ fan base is not happy about this decision would be kind of an understatement.

Pixie Curtis’ account, filled with pics of the adorable toddler taken and captioned by mama Roxy, was yesterday recognised by the social media service as breaching their terms and conditions. As Pixie is still only two-years-old, Instagram have said she needs to wait at least 11 more years until she can legally create her own account.

And Roxy isn’t too happy about it, seeing as she’s the one running Pixie’s page.

Last night, on her @sweatybettypr account, Roxy uploaded this picture of the ‘invalid’ Instagram screen, alongside a pretty bitter caption:

She wrote, “What a disappointment #Instagram shut down @pixiecurtis #pixiecurtis Instagram today. Pretty incredible that this could happen- and frankly pretty out of order given the harmless nature of our pictures and the smile they brought to many!”

Roxy, who owns the PR company Sweaty Betty and appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, has been running the Instagram account @pixiecurtis for about ten months now.

The account gained notoriety following a revelation in the Australian Women’s Weekly that companies pay a $200 fee to be featured on Pixie’s account.

Earlier this year Mamamia exclusively interviewed Roxy about her decision to open an Instagram account for her daughter and make profits through it. At the time she said:

“Pixie does work with various brands and some of which pay her for her services, of these its transparent and stated ‘Sponsored by X’ on the post. She has worked for all sorts of brands which are specific to kids.

“I don’t think I would worry about it either way – if Pixie doesn’t like it as she gets older, she can delete it at anytime. What I do know though is that when she is in a position whereby she has money in the bank to use wisely, be it for property or travel, or to perhaps start her own business, I am sure she will be very thankful that she had a headstart!”
Except it seems, the social networking site has now taken the decision away from the two-year-old, adding that they absolutely “can’t make it [the account] available for recovery”.

No word yet on whether her one-month old brother Hunter Curtis’ account is safe from the latest line of vicious cuts by Instagram. But we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

UPDATE: Crisis averted, loyal Pixie fans. It appears the toddler already has a fresh new account @pixierosecurtis. It seems the mother daughter duo are in good spirits again, posting the message, “What was was – one thing to remember – don’t sweat the small stuff – rise above it and just make your next effort even better! Here goes XX”.   

Lucky for you, here are some screen grabs from back when Pixie’s OLD account was still up and running:

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