This 3-year-old's birthday party is not like other kids' parties.

(Photo: Instagram/@PixieCurtis)

Most three-year-olds’ birthday parties involve a homemade cake, some DIY face paint and a small army of toddlers hyped up on sugar.

But Pixie Rose Curtis is not most three-year-olds.

The little girl, who has been called “the Princess of Instagram” on more than one occasion, has her own Instagram account which has a casual 72,000 followers. And her mum is Roxy Jacenko  who is PR guru and a former Celebrity Apprentice contestant.

In recent weeks, Pixie,  has previously posted pictures sipping mocktails by the pool and posing in chunky jewellery — so it might come as absolutely no surprise that her birthday party was a rather extravagant affair.

Take a look (all images via @PixieCurtis):

Some more memorable moments from Pixie’s Instagram: