Roxy the pit bull does NOT like it when her human is late. So she tells him.

We don’t deserve dogs.

Because it doesn’t matter what kind of day you’ve had – whether you forgot to bring your Keep Cup to the coffee shop, cut off another driver on the main road, or had six glasses of wine too many – they’ll love you no matter what.

And we think we might’ve just found the Internet’s most loyal pupper.

Introducing Roxy the pit bull.

pit bull missed her owner
Roxy the pit bull is the Internet's most loyal pupper. Image: Youtube.

You see, Roxy and her owner John come from California. She doesn't like the cold, or mornings for that matter, and really doesn't like it when her human comes home late.

One day in November 2013, Roxy's owner John filmed her reaction when he came home. Yes, she missed him very much. Yes, she was concerned.

And she was very vocal about her feelings.

Watch the most life-affirming 30 seconds of video that you will see today. GUARANTEED.

Video via John Sepuvleda

There was pacing, wailing and facial expressions that said it all.

Then her owner asked, "Roxy, did you miss me?"

And indeed she bloody well did.

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In the time since it's been uploaded, the video has amassed nearly 1.5 million views. A good 50 of them were from the Mamamia office this very morning and we have no regrets.

Roxy's other star videos include, her being a true Californian dog ad refusing to go for a walk in the rain and Roxy not having a great time in a sweater.

So, watch the video, cry, laugh, feel the love radiate off of your screen, and bookmark it for a rainy day, because everybody deserves to have a Roxy in their life.

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