Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton is quite possibly the most googled female in the world right now, we’ve even discussed her bottom here and according to The SMH she is fast becoming more famous than her sister Kate Catherine. (Scroll down for our Pippa Middleton gallery)

While her sister is trying to settle in to a quiet life as a royal housewife, Pippa Middleton is being inundated with money-making offers.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister has been offered a variety of endorsement deals for fashion and tourism, as well as paid public speaking gigs, The Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Kate Reardon, the editor of society magazine Tatler, said Pippa is likely to be fielding offers for some time. “Every magazine in the Western world now wants her on the cover,” Ms Reardon told The New York Times.

“She will be having job offers hurled at her.

“How she exploits these opportunities is going to be very much up to her. There are many people in her situation who, within weeks, would be falling out of nightclubs and hanging out with celebrities, and getting a huge head about all this.”

The Telegraph in the UK agrees that Pippa’s head-turning dress at the Royal Wedding has single-handedly catipulted her into stardom:

There were two stars launched into the celebrity stratosphere at last week’s royal wedding: the bride herself, of course, with her immaculate gown and flawless smile. But another Middleton also shimmied into the limelight, encased in a figure-hugging dress that clung to every curve and was “tighter than a coat of paint”, according to one onlooker.

The writer Plum Sykes says: “Pippa is the luckiest one of all. She gets the right sort of attention from men, fashion designers and hostesses, and doesn’t have any of the duties. She has become a princess without the bad bits.”

She also exists in a limbo – almost royal, but not quite. A spokesperson for Clarence House says: “Pippa Middleton is a private individual. Why should her life change? She is obviously the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, but she is not represented by Clarence House. She has no press contact here. The Duchess of Cornwall has a sister, too, and she is not represented here. Why would she be?” The reality is, though, that Camilla’s sister can hardly be said to have attracted the level of interest suddenly bestowed on Pippa.

She could, of course, become her sister’s lady-in-waiting – which would give her an official role and would surely prove a crowd-pleasing move. Clarence House confirmed that this option was open to the Middleton sisters.

“If you look at the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting, they tend to be taken from close friends and family. It is possible. It is, at the moment, hypothetical – whether or not she will have ladies-in-waiting in the future, who knows? The Duchess of Cornwall, for instance, does not.

“For now, the Duchess [of Cambridge] is spending a lot of time in Anglesey, supporting her husband. They are to tour Canada [and California] shortly. Other than that, no plans have been announced.”