The wedding request that means guests have to fork out double.

There’s a lot of gossip surrounding Pippa Middleton’s upcoming wedding to hedge fund manager James Matthews — mostly about how fancy it is.

The whole shebang is expected to set the couple back the equivalent of $435,000 Aussie dollars on top an engagement ring worth $350,000.

"We're rich!" - them, probably. Source: Getty

But whatever. Live and let liv-RICH PEOPLE, OH MY GOD.

There's also some rumoured rules for guests including a "no ring, no bring" edict that applies to plus ones, but which will be flouted for Prince Harry's special lady Megan Markle. Maybe.


Anyway, there's also buzz on Twitter, that may of may not be traced back to the Daily Mail's Richard Eden, that guests at the wedding also have to bring two outfits... one for the ceremony and one for the reception.

Because finding an outfit for a wedding is a total snap and everyone has a bottomless bank account. Obviously.

While, in fact, attendees at the Middleton/Matthews marriage likely do have bottomless bank accounts, they may not be the only ones affected by this troubling new trend.

Now, we know it's not uncommon for brides to do a costume change on their big day (Solange Knowles rocked no less than three custom-made jumpsuits; Chrissie Teigen and Anna Camp also wore more than one dress) but asking guests to do the same might be a tad... expensive?

Especially when you consider the other apparently unspoken rule of wedding-going, which is that you can't wear the same thing twice, lest you commit the ultimate fashion faux-pas.

Josh Britt talks us through a pet wedding, aka a wedding trend we can actually get behind (post continues...):

In a world of "wishing wells" and single-wear gowns, it does seem a little much to ask wedding guests to fork out double on clothes for someone else's special day but then again this is only a rumour.

Best not to panic. (*panics*)

What's the strangest wedding request you've ever heard?