The famous faces we didn't expect to see at Pippa's wedding, and the one notable absentee.

As Pippa Middleton tied the knot with her billionaire businessman boyfriend, the world eyed her dress, the couple and, of course, the guest list.

Who made the cut? Who didn’t? And where the hell was Meghan Markle?

Although many a media report had pinned Markle as one flying into London ahead of the festivities, the actress was a no-show at St Marks Church in Berkshire when guests began to arrive.

However, it’s being widley reported Markle – who has been dating Prince Harry for nearing on 10 months – decided to steer clear of the service itself, tactfully keeping all eyes and all focus on the bride and groom. It was expected she would meet her royal boyfriend, his family and the whose who of London high society at the afternoon reception at the Middleton family home.

But while Meghan didn’t show at the wedding, Roger and Mirka Federer certainly did. The tennis ace and his wife were spotted among the guests, prompting speculation as to how in the world the Federers are friends with the newlyweds.

Naturally, the mother of the bride arrived with James Middleton in tow.

Closely followed by Donna Air, British TV personality and partner of Kate and Pippa's brother James.

And who could forget Princess Charlotte, Prince George and The Duchess of Cambridge who almost certainly wore a peach-y kind of beige dress so make sure no limelight was taken from her sister.

Prince William and Harry arrived together with no sign of Meghan Markle.

Spencer Matthews, brother-in-law of Pippa, brother of James and UK reality star was believed to have given the Best Man speech at the reception.

And perhaps most interestingly of all, Princess Eugenie scored an invite to her cousins's sister-in-law's wedding. How's that for close family ties?