So, what's with the dress code at Pippa Middleton's wedding?

When it comes to British weddings, there’s something so particularly delightful about the formality of the entire occasion.

Of course, the only kinds of British weddings we glimpse usually are the ones involving the royal family, and therefore things are inclined to lean on the traditional side.

So when it comes to the dress code of an occasion as formal as Pippa Middleton’s wedding, what’s the deal?

The dress code for royal weddings, or royal-ish weddings like this weekend’s, is ‘morning suit’.

According to Debrett’s – a British authority on etiquette and behaviour – morning dress is the traditional dress for British weddings.

Pippa Middleton's was a very traditional wedding. (Getty)

They claim the name derives from the fact weddings once often took place in the morning, and therefore men usually wore their morning attire.

Considering the Middleton/Matthews wedding took place at 11.30am, morning attire - the dress code of said wedding - was quite appropriate.

"Morning dress consists of a morning coat, striped trousers, shirt, tie and waistcoat. It is usual to wear a morning coat throughout the day; a change into black tie for the reception should be regarded as the exception rather than the rule," Debrett's writes on their website.

"If such a change is required, this should be stated clearly on the invitation.

pippa middleton wedding spencer matthews
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"The morning coat is single-breasted with one button, and usually has peaked lapels. Grey and black are both perfectly acceptable. Featherweave is the classic option for the material."

Although morning suit often implies men are to wear hats, the men at Middleton's wedding chose not to.

According to Easy Weddings, morning suit should only be the dress code for weddings beginning before 4:30pm.

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Marina Licht, editor of Style & the Bride, argued for The Huffington Post in 2015 that it's quite normal for the men to "change into black tie for the reception later".

When it comes to the dress code for women at occasions as formal as these, Licht says they would ideally opt for a dress and jacket or skirt.

"Neither should the dress or skirt be too short, and ideally they should be worn with a jacket," she says, adding "hats are expected". Hence why all the women were able to wear such fabulous head wear and fascinators to the wedding.