The entire cost of Pippa Middleton's wedding will make your eyes water.

Pippa Middleton and James Matthews splashed out over $1 million for their wedding, according to the experts.

Wedding planning website, Bridebook, has broken down all the costs and come up with a grand total of $1,283,130 (AUD) or £736,706 (GBP).

The marquee

Topping the list was their glass marquee priced at $522,000 – which could buy you a decent house in our nation’s capital.

“The glass marquee would have required huge generators to power extensive air-conditioners to stop the glass house overheating and this is expected to have cost £50,000 [about $86,600] on the air conditioning alone,” say Bridebook researchers.


“This marquee is only available from Belgian company PBI, whose team would have transported the marquee from Belgium, adding significantly to the cost.”

The same price of a home in Australia. Image via Getty.

The freebies

The evening reception was held at Bucklebury Manor, the home of Pippa Middleton's parents, so that was on the house.

Pippa's brother added to the family affair with 350 custom marshmallows from his company Boomf.

pippa middleton haircut
Source: Getty.

The port-a-loos

Researchers costed the luxury mobile toilets at almost $7,000 - for the same cost you could remodel your home bathroom.



During the ceremony, 150 hungry guests were expected to eat 5-canapes hour per hour.

"These 1500 luxury canapes alone would cost around £6000 [$10,400 AUD] , but with serving staff, linen, crockery, chefs and decoration on top, the likely cost was £14,000 [$24,300 AUD]," says the Bridebook website.

Then add evening catering, ceremony drinks, evening drinks and you get an eye-watering $229,216 on food and drinks.

pippa middleton wedding spencer matthews
Pippa and James at their ceremony. Image via Getty.


Pippa's diamond Maidenhair fern tiara by Robinson Pelham is estimated at almost $7,000.

The dress, veil, hair and make-up, wedding rings and shoes are said to have cost almost $70,000

"Top London couture designers estimate the dress would have cost £38,000 [$65,549 AUD]," says Bridebook.

Researchers found there were two videographers, James O’Garra of Jim & Tonic Films and an award-winning German filmmaker and director, Patrick Gather.

But, just admit it, you'd watch the movie. We love all of this.

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