Pippa Middleton is apparently the new royal health expert.

Image: Pippa and Kate Middleton: royal green smoothie enthusiasts (via Getty).

If they so desired, the Royal Family could summon the world’s top nutritionists, chefs and health experts to keep Princess Charlotte of Cambridge healthy and happy.

Yet according to the Daily Mail, the week-old princess’ diet will be in the hands of her Aunty Pippa.

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According to “sources” (not to be confused with “sauces”), Pippa Middleton — the younger sister of Duchess Catherine — has shifted her focus from professional party planning to doling out dietary advice.

“Under the tutelage of Pippa, Kate has become a health freak. They both have expensive blenders and make themselves green smoothies every morning,” the alleged source informs the Daily Mail. Hooray, something else you can have in common with the Duchess! (Post continues after gallery.)

“The Middletons are a very healthy family and they hate to outsource help or advice, so Pippa thought: Why not become a nutritionist?”

Why not, indeed. Having a famous surname and an even more famous bottom (thanks to one incredibly beautiful Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress) can only get a woman so far in life.

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Over the past six months, the health-obsessed 31-year-old has been training through the The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, of which The Paleo Way‘s Pete Evans and I Quit Sugar‘s Sarah Wilson are both alumni. On graduation, she will be a certified Health Coach.

William and Kate with baby Charlotte.

Although Middleton is only halfway through the course, it seems she's already got a high-profile client in her sights: baby Charlotte.

The doting aunty has apparently promised to create some healthy, "organic, plant-based" recipes for her newborn niece — at mates' rates, we can only assume. (Post continues after gallery.)

"Kate and Pippa both agree that even the organic brands of baby foods aren't healthy enough. It is so easy to blend up [food] at home," the source continues. So, no supermarket-branded apple puree for Miss Charlotte, then.

That's only the beginning of Middleton's new career path — according to a second source, she ultimately hopes to write a health column for a magazine, followed by a book.

Surely Kate is over the moon at the prospect of having a nutritionist in the family?

With any luck, it'll fare better than her widely-mocked party planning book Celebrate.

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Of course, as there's been no word from Pippa herself we're taking all this news with a big, fat grain of pink Himalayan salt. But someone should probably inform Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr they have some competition in the 'Famous Person Turned Self-Styled Nutrition Expert' stakes. Just in case.

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